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Program Services


Nutritious meals prepared fresh daily in our kitchen: Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. St. Mark’s participates in the Children and Adult Food Program, (CACFP).

St. Mark’s provides parent teacher conferences two times a year; one in the fall and one in the spring. At the conferences teachers share with families each child’s “Focus Portfolio.” Focus Portfolio is a way to document or keep track of a child’s ongoing development.  The portfolios show families exactly how their children are developing in the classroom through documentation, anecdotal and pictures. The portfolios transition with each child as they grow and develop.

Upon enrollment every family receives an ASQ SE:  Ages & Stages Questionnaire, Social, Emotional; this is completed by the parent or guardian of the child. This is a tool used for Child Monitoring System for Social Emotional Behaviors. By Squires, Bricker, & Twombly.  This tool is referenced to during parent teacher conferences and applied to curriculum.


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