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Why Our Quality is Different...


It is our vision to be not only a distinctly quality school, but a community center for early childhood education with an emphasis on helping Albuquerque's early-aged children reach developmental milestones through immersive lesson and cultural exposure; and a base for Albuquerque’s families of prekindergarten aged children to enrich themselves through education, family development and passionate, affectionate and invested professional support. In ensuring that we actualize this vision we implement innovative and comprehensive approaches to support our families, and thereby help produce more prepared and enriched students into our community.


The specialized support programs outlined on this page are unique to St. Mark's and have propelled our school to become a staple in the community as an authority in innovative, comprehensive and quality early education. We understand that working with students is more than teaching fundamentals in foundational education, it's also ensuring that each individual student is uniquely unerstood and supported emotionally, cognitavely and socially.


Our multidimensional approach is reinforced by these support programs and are open to all students and families in our community. 

Our Inclusion Program     


We are devoted and proud to welcome students who are in need of patient, measured and specialized behavior-based support. Our Inclusion Program is our special support program for students who need behavioral assistance to overcome complicated behavioral challenges. Families who require behavioral assistance for their students are enrolled after completing an individualized support plan that is led by our executive director, an extensively trained expert in child development with a graduate degree in social work. An individualized support plan includes a commitment statement which asks parents to commit to the goals and measured agreements which ensure that students are getting support not only in the school setting, but more holistically in the context of the student's life, both at school and within the family. Our in-school support for special-needs students often includes in-house behavioral therapy, individualized monitoring and guidance from teachers with training in behavioral science, progress assessments and family-based guidance and education.


If you have a student who could benefit from the inclusion program and are interested in exploring its benefits further,  please email executive director, Tory Pruitt, at or give us a call at (505) 344-7369. 


Our Community Grants and Partnerships


Our mission to serve students and families inspires us to actively grow in all that we do. We are fortunate to always be growing in collaboration with local and regional community partners. We have been fortunate to enjoy partnerships with celebrated community staples such as the Albuquerque Isotopes and PNM, as well as locally owned businesses, Albuquerque Public Schools and other government agencies.


Welcoming New Partnerships in 2021
       PNM and Phaze One Electric (2020)
Thank you to PNM and Phaze One Electric for collaborating with our school to renovate our in-school lighting and electrical infrastructure. In partnership with the PNM Quick Saver Program that promotes energy efficiency through grants to non-profit organizations, our classrooms, breakroom and school-based facilities have been modernized with state of the art LED lighting. These new lamps reduce our carbon footprint, promote utility efficiency and brighten up our classrooms in a way that nearly equals the brightness of our students and staff. We are proud that this project was in coordination with locally owned Phaze One Electric, and we thank them for their quality and support throughout this project!

Our Family Support Partners



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