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"... With little or no fanfare, St. Mark's has quietly created the template for how learning can be supported and young minds can be opened to the wonder of life-long learning. We need to look no farther than Albuquerque's hidden gem, St. Mark's in the Valley Day School, to discover our model for successful early childhood learning.  It deserves to be supported, replicated and celebrated."

- State Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino

"If you're searching for a nurturing, safe, and educational daycare/day school for your child, St. Marks In The Valley is for your family. My child went through 4 schools before I found St. Marks, which was highly recommended by his behavior therapist. The children love to be there. The meals are fresh, cooked in the premises and carefully planned! The administrative staff are amazing by providing just as much care for my child as his favorite teacher Ms. Diane. My child is also a special needs student and all of the staff at St.Marks have provided an educated and nurturing environment. I highly recommend St.Marks to all parents."  - -  Kirene Bargas, Parent

"This is a GREAT school. The staff if awesome. The location is wonderful!"

- Amber Jaramillo, Parent

"An amazing school filled with wonderful Teachers and Administration staff!"

- Cassy Zachariah, Parent