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Our Administration! 

Our Executive Director

Victoria Pruitt, MSW​

Victoria, or "Tory!," as she's much better known, is a well know staple in the early childhood community in Albuquerque. You'd be hard pressed to find a more passionate, devoted or natural early childhood educator. Little people are her calling, and she's spent a near lifetime bettering the lives of children and families in a range of settings. She's nearing a decade at St. Mark's and is a primary reason our nonprofit preschool is the exceptional organization distinctly recognized as the quality service and family-oriented school it is today. Tory believes that early education starts with caring for the most human qualities at the foundation of every child's life, and that every child deserves individualized, considerate, respectful, safe and caring educational experiences. She's a mentor, leader, administrator, social worker and teacher with an enormous heart. She feels the most joy when children are around her! If there's anything she can do to help your little one, or your family, don't hesitate to reach out!     

Our Teachers!!

Michelle Mendez

Michelle is the Head Lead Teacher for the Early Head Start program, and a member of our administration at St. Mark's in the Valley Day School. She's an incredibly talented and skilled educator, and a mentor to other teachers on our team. Michelle is witty, has an amazing backbone and is a tremendous example of what a professional should be. Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. She's coming up on almost ten years of helping build up on St. Mark's in the Valley's legacy! We're very proud of her.

Rachel Gonzales

Rachel is one of our Early Head Start teachers. She's in pursuit of an Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Development! She's a true asset to our team, and can be counted on for her bright smile, infectious laughter and genuine kindness. She's a natural teacher and a perfect fit for our school.

Angel Garcia

Angel is one of our Early Head Start teachers. She has earned her Infant and Toddler CDA! She has a special connection with our little ones, and is known for her big heartedness. Her kindness is an enormous attribute that adds to the quality of our classrooms, and we value her contributions immensely. Thanks for everything you do, Angel!

Dawn Molisee

Dawn is an Early Head Start teacher! She has an Associate of Arts in Child Youth and Family Development. She's wonderfully approachable, kind, caring and our little ones are drawn to her. She's a special addition to our family.

Robert Bowman

Robert is a bright and spirited Lead Teacher in our Dolphins classroom. He's well known by our little ones for being especially playful, and for his amazing sing along songs! Robert is sure to lighten up any room! Robert has achieved his Associates of Arts in Early Childhood Multicultural Education!

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Our Administrative Staff &Support Staff! 

Veronica Mendez

In-House Chef

More info coming soon!!

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Danika Tom

Administrative Assistant

More info coming soon!!

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